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RegEx: 4° Example

We create a RegEx of Hyphenation

The examples in this guide have been performed on a test document can be downloaded here.

The fourth example will involve the creation of a new RegEx of 'Hyphenation' with the aim of intercepting as possible hyphenation even words that have a space before the -.

LibreOffice - Ubuntu

OpenOffice - Windows

As we want to create a new RegEx in the 'Hyphens Find', we click on the icon that represents a RegEx (a *?). And, in the list box at the top, select 'Hyphenation regEx List'. After that we just have to click on the correct icon (+) in the lower to add a new RegEx.

LibreOffice - Ubuntu

OpenOffice - Windows

In the window that appears, fill in the fields as follows:

This field takes a value valid random. They just do not worry about them and go over.
Select 'Visible' because the RegEx must be 'activated' and visible in the section 'Hyphens Find'.
Write in the text field that will identify the RegEx. This text will serve only to identify a possible modification or done away with because no other part of the extension will be visible. For example, I wrote "Additional Hyphens".
Here goes the RegEx itself. In this case it will be '([a-zöòàèìùóéäê]+) *- *([a-zöòàèìùóéäê]+)'.

Then click on 'OK' to change the RegEx. From this moment the RegEx change will be visible in the 'Hyphens Find'. To make the final editing of this RegEx you need to click on the correct icon (the one furthest to the right in the lower section of the 'Edit RegEx') to save her.

Actually this RegEx is useless because they are more false positives than the hyphenation real find, but I needed an example and I have not found others. I apologize.

If you are trying to document Errors.odt created specifically for examples of tests you can do in the 'Hyphens Find' to see how Pepito Cleaner is able to find the 'Additional Hyphens' following your instructions.

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