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Debug Info

This section, accessible by clicking on the icon that represents a window, you will see the Debug information.

LibreOffice - Ubuntu

OpenOffice - Windows

On this section there is little or nothing to say except that in the text box central pages contain information Debug Log or better, and 'bugs' in the event of an error. This information is useful if you want to report me a bug Pepito Cleaner: in this case it would be advisable to copy paste the text in the error report that you can find in this questapage

It remains only to add that in the normal course of Pepito Cleaner icon will remain in black and white, while in case of a fault, the icon will turn red. By way of example carry the two modes below:

Thus, the icon will appear during normal operation of the extension.

Thus, the icon will appear if an error will be revealed during the operation of the extension.